Who Filmed and Leaked the Mitt Romney Fund-raiser Video? [Updated]

(NY Magazine) – Here’s what we know about the covert video taken of Mitt Romney in which he admits to rich donors in plain terms that he’s given up on 47 percent of America: It was filmed on May 17, in the Florida home of private equity manager Marc Leder; portions of it have been floating around on YouTube for at least three months, uploaded by users named “RomneyExposed,” “Rachel Maddow,” and “Anne Onymous”; and eventually, the full version was obtained by Mother Jones reporter David Corn, with Jimmy Carter’s researcher grandson acting as a liaison. What we don’t know is who at the $50,000-per-plate fund-raiser set up a hidden camera, pressed record, and started the clip’s viral spread. But we have some clues.

As an addendum to the video, Mother Jones has published a list of potential Romney donors from in and around Boca Raton that may have been present that night, but it seems unlikely that anyone dropping 50 grand to meet the candidate would have any interest in sharing his comments with a liberal magazine. (Although a disgruntled date can’t be ruled out.) What about the event’s caterers and various other staff employed at Leder’s home? At similar Obama events, all cell phones are confiscated [dated May 15, 2012] regardless.

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