I’m one of the least materialistic people you will ever meet. Probably dysfunctionally so. I occasionally fantasize about what I would do if I won the lottery, and I admit to the ambition to one day have a place in the northern lake region of Italy. But I mostly wonder how I could use that money to help people. I have never measured my self-worth in financial terms. Still, a small part of me is disturbed that Glenn Beck is going to make roughly $60 million this year, and I am going to make squat. The man doesn’t even have a platform on a major television station anymore.

I know Glenn Beck has more talent than I do. I know that he’s more entertaining than I’ll ever be. But it just seems like we basically have the same job, which is talking about politics. I have a pretty good record of predicting what will happen, which is why I have my modest audience. Glenn Beck has a record of being totally wrong about everything always. It’s not that I want Glenn Beck’s money. I just wish we all lived in a world where the way people are rewarded was a little different.

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