My son asked me to share the below video with you all.  So that maybe you can hear the many voices who will be voting and so that maybe you can help another’s voice be heard this election.

My son, like his sister, takes voting very seriously.  Just the act of voting itself is hard for him.  Holding a pen is not the easiest thing to do.  He fretted last election about his signature on the envelope.  He worried and agonized over every dot that he filled in.  Every measure was met with the same concern of not misunderstanding.  The wording in the measures can be very confusing and misleading.  He didn’t want to be “tricked”.  We attempted to drop the ballots off at the Washington County Election Office but it’s right next to the Sheriff’s office, their lights going and lots of police activity which spooked him so we dropped our votes off elsewhere.  

We talk about GOTV, voting and all the bullying that is going on.  We can not forget just what this voting means…

Our voice being heard.  Even if that voice is hard to hear.  And those are the voices we need to hear the most.  
This week, my son shared a video of a commercial that one of his former post-graduation developmentally and neurological disabled program’s classmate was in.  It’s from the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities, Disability Rights Oregon and The Oregon Secretary of State.  It’s very powerful.  More so than ever.  He asked me to pass it along to you all.  

The young woman who says she votes because she cares about her community is his dear friend, Carly.  He wants you all to know just how proud he is of her and all of his classmates who are voting.  So many of us take it for granted.  

My son is 20 and my daughter is 18.  Both are registered Democrats.  Both are compassionate, aware and active.  Both are voting for the first time in a Presidential election.  Both are counting on you to vote as well.  


Thank you.

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