“She should have been armed.” That’s the word from the NRA President, Wayne LaPierre, regarding Kassandra Perkins, the girlfriend of former Kansas City Chief player, Jovan Belcher, who shot her and then shot himself in a case of murder suicide last week. From the NRA’s own YouTube video of “reporter” Ginny Simone discussing Bob Costas’ commentary about the gun violence in our culture with NRA President Wayne LaPierre:

Yes, we all should be armed at all times. In the shower. At work. In school. At church. In a bar. At the parking lot of a convenience store. In movie theaters. In public restrooms. In planes, trains and automobiles. In hospitals. If we did that, why there would be no problems. A gun in every hand 24/7, because you just never know. What a grand vision, Mr. NRA Leader.

If only we’d had more guns I’m sure there would have been no Presidential assassinations, no Columbines, no Dr. Tiller or Gabby Gifford tragedies, no shoot ’em up at Knoxville Universalist Church by James Adkisson, no Virginia Tech massacre, no Aurora, Colorado midnight movie madness, maybe even no 9/11. Certainly no domestic violence. If we only had a gun – at all times, in all places – life would be so much better.

It does seems that’s the way our country is going – guns as a solution to any problem. But Mr. LaPierre, if I may, who is going to pay for all those guns and all the ammunition for people who can’t afford them? Should health insurance be required to pay for all the gun related injuries that would result if we all had guns? What about life insurance costs? Should we have mandatory safety classes for everyone, or is that too socialistic? At what age should children be allowed to carry? What about all the wrongful death lawsuits? You tell me. I don’t have the answers. Obviously, you do.

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