With an outpouring of support coming from all corners of the world, in the end it’s the small community and it’s citizens who have to come to terms with this dreadful act of insanity. The media should back-off and avoid intrusion into the private lifes of victims, family, friends, neighbours and relatives. Some parents do seek the publicity in their anguish, but with a motive to tell the world community about their beloved child, how special he/she was.

‘Always smiling’: Portraits of Conn. victims

More stories are unfolding of acts of heroism by young teachers who offered their lives to save the children who were under their guardianship. Many heartbreaking moments …

Victoria Soto: A hero’s light shines on

(Stratford Star) – Hundreds gathered at Stratford Town Hall Saturday evening to mourn the loss and celebrate the life of one of their own, 27 year-old Victoria Soto, who was fatally shot protecting the lives of her first grade class yesterday.

Family members, friends and former classmates of Soto began gathering for the candlelight vigil long before the scheduled start time of 7 p.m., many in tears as they shared hugs and reminisced about the woman they fondly recalled.

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Close family of hero teacher Victoria Soto at the vigil (Photo by Ralph Petitti)

Jillian Soto, Victoria’s younger sister, made brief comments to the growing crowd as the vigil began.

“Victoria truly is a hero and I’m very proud to say that she is my sister,” said Jillian atop the steps of Town Hall. “We definitely lost an amazing person who died doing what she loved, protecting the kids that meant the world to her.”

Fighting back tears, she continued. “And they’ll be able to say that they’re here today because she sacrificed her life so that they could live another day.”

Choir singers from Stratford High then began a program of musical selections, beginning with Silent Night and Amazing Grace. Victoria is survived by her parents, Donna and Carlos Soto Sr., two sisters, Jillian and Carlee, and brother, Carlos Jr.

Teacher from Stratford died ‘Protecting Little Ones’

These Are Some of the Heroes from Newtown

(The Atlantic Wire) – As details emerge about what happened inside Sandy Hook Elementary Friday morning, we’re beginning to be able to piece together a narrative, and see who was responsible for preventing any further harm. If it wasn’t for these people — big and small — who reportedly contributed in different ways, the shooting could have been even worse. Some of them survived and some of them didn’t, but what matters is they helped yesterday, and they deserve to be recognized for their contributions:

Dawn Hochsprung, the school’s principal, who was only hired two years ago and was celebrated for her ability to make the school a warm, welcoming place for student and staff alike

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Robbie Parker recalls loving 6-year-old daughter, Emilie, who died in Newtown, Conn. Shooting

This photo posted to the Emilie Parker Fund Facebook page shows Emilie Parker and her father Robbie Parker. Fighting back tears and struggling to catch his breath, Robbie Parker the father of 6-year-old Emile Parker who was gunned down in Friday’s school shooting in Connecticut told the world about a little girl who loved to draw and was always smiling, and he also reserved surprising words of sympathy for the gunman.

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