Andy Reid coached the Philadelphia Eagles for 14 years, an unusually long time in the modern era. Of course, Connie Mack coached the Philadelphia Athletics from 1901-1950, but those days are gone. Mr. Reid has landed a new job as the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. It could be that Reid is a spent force, the game having passed him by. But I’ve watched him operate for a long time and he’s been a very good coach. Chiefs fans should expect good game plans and a well-prepared team, but they should also expect erratic drafts and very poor clock management, with some inexplicable play-calling. They should also expect some of the most boring press conferences in the history of press conferences.

In my opinion, Reid’s greatest fault is that he doesn’t create a physical offense. In cold weather, teams need to run the ball, and the Eagles have always wilted in January. It is not unlikely that the Chiefs will soon begin making the playoffs, but it is not likely that they will perform well once they get there.

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