I just want to echo The Field Negro’s take on the release of the photo depicting President Obama skeet shooting at Camp David:

Seriously, if those photos are in fact real, I personally have to wonder why they (the White House) even bothered releasing them. I don’t like the imagery, O. Pandering to the gun nut crowd is not cool. A picture of you at Hadiya Pendelton’s funeral would have been more like what I wanted to see. That, and I (sic) stirring eulogy along with a call for all of us in the black community to start taking responsibility for our children. You should be working overtime from the bully pulpit on that issue, but instead you are trying to prove to wingnuts that you actually shoot skeets every now and then. *scratching my very bald head*

Skeet shooting and bowling? Man the things you do to make some folks love you.

Yeah, pretty much.