I don’t have a problem with creating a commission to explore ways to make voting easier, but I hope everyone is clear on one essential fact. Every single problem we have with voting has been created intentionally, and had been part of a concerted Republican strategy to limit the franchise. It’s the Republicans who have made it harder to register, who have wrongly purged people off the rolls, who have provided too few voting machines in densely-populated areas, who have limited early voting and voting hours, who have passed Photo ID requirements, who have tried to prevent college students from voting, who have tried to maximize the amount of provisional ballots and make it easier not to count them, who have restricted what organizations can do registration drives, who have demonized organizations that do registration drives, who have fabricated an in-person voter fraud crisis that never existed, and who have opposed all laws that would provide a presumption in the voters’ favor.

And Mitt Romney’s election attorney, Ben Ginsberg, hasn’t exactly opposed these efforts. He advised Bush during the 2000 Florida recount and advised the Swift-Boaters in 2004. So, if he is going to co-chair the committee, then Mark Ambinder is the dumbest man in the world.

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