A video of The Daily Show you must watch!

The ED Show with Dan Rather on the Right Wing Bogus Attack on Hagel

15 Republican Senators wtrite letter to the White House to drop Chuck Hagel

Texas Senator John Cornyn and a group of 14 Republican co-signers say in a letter to the president that Hagel is “not the right candidate” to lead the Pentagon, and that it would be “uprecedented for a Secretary of Defense to take office without the broad base of bipartisan support and confidence needed to serve effectively” in the role.

The senators write that his performance at his confirmation hearing led to “serious doubts about his basic competence,” and say his “disconcerting” views of Iran “send a dangerous message to the regime in Tehran, as it seeks to obtain the means necessary to harm both the United States and Israel.” The letter was signed by Sens. John Cornyn (Texas), Jim Inhofe (Okla.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Roger Wicker (Miss.), David Vitter (La.), Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Lee (Utah), Pat Toomey (Pa.), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Dan Coats (Ind.), Ron Johnson (Wis.), James Risch (Idaho), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Barrasso (Wyo.) and Tim Scott (S.C.).  

Hagel With a Smear – Country First [Full version]

Jon Stewart: 60 sec. clip …

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Republican filibustering of Chuck Hagel’s Secretary of Defense
confirmation vote is tinged with a hint of junior high school-level pettiness.  

In the meantime, Marco Rubio, the Republican rising-star, traveling to Jordan and Israel spoke in support of Obama’s upcoming trip to the region towards the end of March and said there was cross-party support on foreign policy issues. Rubio outlined those issues as the perceived Iranian nuclear threat, the security of Israel and peacemaking with the Palestinians.

See my recent diary – Rubio Visits Israel – Repugs Simplistic Idea of World Order.

In the aftermath of his selection to form a new coalition, PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been losing further support from the Israeli voters.  Poll: Yesh Atid would crush Likud in new election. Netanyahu os one of the most distrusted politicians just behind Livni, who is presently his only partner in forming a broad government.

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