Underestimating Islamist terror, when will people learn from past mistakes? The US and Western States are locked in foreign policy by their (neo-)colonial past and present economic and financial ties to Arab states and their natural resources.  Just looking back on Libya and Gaddafi’s dictatorial reign from 1969 to 2011. US foreign policy decisions were opportunistic and based for short term “gains”. In the end, we are all losers and the world reverts to chaos, dismay and ultimately more violence. The proliferations of arms is a major issue, however US and Western Capitalism is based on the military-industrial complex. Save the military, ban good education is the motto in Congress as the sequester is imminent.

The events in the Middle-East in the 1970s proved to be a game changer in the extend of real power brokers: 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre – 1973 Yom Kippur War between Egypt and Israel followed by the oil boycott and crisis – 1975 through 1990 Lebanese Civil War, bombings and hostage taking – 1978 Camp David Accords without approval Arab states – 1979 Overthrow of Persia’s Shah and the Islamic Revolution by Khomeini – 1979 US Embassy Attacks in Teheran and subsequent hostage taking – 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and rise of the mujahideen, US support for (Saudi) Arab jihadists, ends in 1989 – 1981 Assassination of President Sadat by Muslim Brotherhood – 1982 Israel’s invasion and occupation of South Lebanon until 2000 – 1983 Beirut Barracks bombing, killing 219 US Marines – 1980 Iraq-Iran War post Khomeini revolution with dubious role for US, ends in 1988 – 1980s State terror by UK/US vs the states and/or people of Libya (Tripoli raid) – Iran (downing flight IA655 killing 290 passengers and crew) – Iraq (supply chemical agents and CIA reconnaisance data) – Afghanistan (arms and funds for mujahideen in alliance with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s ISI).

This list is far from complete, but these are the events I recall from memory as being influential in the course of history. This is the bagage I carry when I make my analysis of US foreign policy issues confronting us today. I see a great lack of vision and a continued succumbing to the old status-quo. I’m watching John Kerry’s first foreign tour closely and all the statements he will make. My hope for change lies on a very small ledge of wisdom before plunging into the abyss.

In my recent diary – The Saudi-Israeli Alliance and Piggy-back Coup of 2005 – I tried to illustrate the role of the United States in the Middle-East has been forsaken and it is Saudi Arabia and the monarchs of the Gulf States who will determine the destiny of Arab and Muslim nations from Marocco in North Africa to the Persian Gulf at the border of the heretic nation of Iran. The US is not well eguipped to handle and act on the resurgence of a Sunni revival which will empower Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood. The US and western civilzations will be seen by the Muslim nations as a source of evil. The Obama doctrine of “soft-power” will be as ineffective as the foolish and criminal attack on Saddam’s Iraq by the Bush administration. Saudi Arabia with  King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah had warned President Bush. Egypt’s dictator Mubarak who barely survived the attack on President Sadat by the Muslim Brotherhood, made clear Bush would open Pandora’s Box. Unfortunately, the old civilizations of Egypt, Assyria and Mesopotamia will be ruined by further sectarian and religious strife. In old Europe, we have the experience religious wars can last for centuries. My fear is the changes we see in the new 21th century will be with us in our lifetime and that of our children.

The President and US Congress are wasting their energy on petty issues blocking the functioning of the administration in Foggy Bottom. The US and the world are lacking persons of standing and vision. Short term profit taking is prevalent above the well being of a nation. How would President Abraham Lincoln act and what would be his vision in an age incomparable due to modern communication, travel and too much propaganda that engulfs a nation and its people.

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