C’mon, Doyle McManus, you can warhawk better than this. All you’re giving me is that we need to get embroiled in Syria’s civil war because all other possibilities are worse? We need to do more? But you don’t know what “more” is?

You acknowledge that “Syria’s opposition is a mess,” and that “the radical Islamist Al Nusra Front, an offshoot of Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq, has won a reputation as the most effective fighting force on the rebel side.” You acknowledge that the opposition is split between Qatari-sponsored and Saudi-sponsored factions, without adding that the Kurds are fractured between anti-Turkish and anti-Iraqi factions and anti- and pro-Assad factions, or that Iraq and Turkey have their own proxies. And, despite all of that, “We need to be doing more.” The president is “peevish” and “reluctant.”

Thank God he’s peevish and reluctant when he’s getting advice from the likes of you.