Try to imagine being 42 years old and knowing seventy people who have been killed. Imagine being able to write down their names. Or you can just start perusing the list of homicide victims in 2011 in a place like, say, Hampton Roads. It’ll take you a while. You’ll notice a trend. Lots of white men murdering their wives and then themselves. And a lot of people with names like: Khylief Thorpe, Dontae Jamar Howard, Reginald Lamont Davis, Darelle J. Williams, Raheim Hason Stokes, Chiquita Long, and Rahkim Goodwin. Take a look at a list of the homicide victims in Phladelphia from 2011. See how long it takes you to read out their names. And then maybe you will be in the correct state of mind to read Ann Coulter’s article about gun violence control.