There are some things I like about Bloomberg, but when I listen to his satellite radio station, I hear the same old conservative crap. If I hear one more of those Masters of the Universe say that liberal governance causes business and consumers to have uncertainty, I am going to throw something at someone. I wonder just how confident these assholes were during the period of conservative governance leading up to the Great Recession? They say that they are strapped by regulations. I would like to hear just one conservative even once admit that some conservative policy contributed even a little bit to the near collapse of the financial industry. But no, conservatism is like their backward-assed, cult-like religious beliefs. It dare not be questioned. Only when people aren’t conservative enough is when conservatism fails. GW Bush was a failure because he expanded the government by adding Homeland Security  and gave prescription coverage to seniors. Never a fucking word about the cost of occupying countries (to win their hearts and minds), or about de-regulation, or about lowering taxes for rich people and raising our debt by $10 TRILLION (that somehow magically increases revenue). I no longer think that this debate is about facts. It’s about lacking moral foundations and having delusions. These pompous Bloomberg reporters are no different than the run-of-the-mill backward-assed conservative, bigoted, religious extremists and the hateful greedy people that don’t seem to mind the bigots so much (even the delusional ones with guns who say that regulations are tyranny!!)