Take a look at the roll call of today’s House vote on the Farm Bill.

That’s twenty-three votes shy of passing. That’s not even close. That’s a rout. And they wouldn’t have brought the bill up for a vote if they didn’t think it would pass.

The final tally was delayed for several minutes as GOP leaders held the vote open, while Democrats called for the vote to close.

Totally blindsided.

Immediately after the vote, Republicans were apoplectic at what they characterized as a betrayal by Democratic leaders, who did not deliver the votes they promised.
“The Democrats walked away from this,” Boehner, who cast a rare vote in favor of the bill, told The Hill as he walked off the House floor.

If they wanted Democratic support for the bill, they shouldn’t have cut $20 billion from the nutrition assistance program and added a drug test requirement. Why would Democrats vote for that?

They’re lucky they even got 24 Democratic votes.

Almost all of the 62 Republicans who opposed the bill, opposed it because it wasn’t harsh enough.

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