The Cheney family is pissing people off in Wyoming. The reason is simple. They are quite obviously coveting Mike Enzi’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Dick Cheney’s daughter, Liz, is making no secret about her desire to serve in the Senate, and Dick is promoting her. But Senator Enzi doesn’t intend to retire.

Liz Cheney did not grow up in Wyoming. She only recently bought some property in the Jackson Hole area. And Mike Enzi is a very conservative member of the Senate who has done very little to invite a primary challenge from his right.

Personally, I think that Sen. Enzi is one of very few Republican senators who actually understand how the Senate is supposed to function in our system of government. He is capable of actual legislating, rather than 100% obstruction. Maybe it will be this feature of his personality that will doom him.

I don’t know Wyoming politics very well, but I suspect that Enzi will be able to defeat a challenge from the Cheney family. I don’t think Dick Cheney has a lot of juice, even in his home state.

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