I remain baffled by the Republicans’ obsession with the length of bills produced by Congress. Jeff Sessions continues the tradition while discussing the Senate’s immigration reform bill.

In their zeal to rush this 1,200-page train wreck through the Senate with as many votes as possible, Democrat leadership whipped every single member of their conference.

This follows on Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry’s effort yesterday:

Finally, there is the sheer size of the bill and the hasty manner in which it was amended and passed. Conservatives have eloquently and convincingly made the case against bills like this during the Obama years.

I don’t understand why the size of a bill is an argument against it. Furthermore, I don’t understand why the Republicans think size is a compelling argument.

The best I can do is to suggest that perhaps a large bill indicates a degree of complexity, which means one must put some effort into understanding all that it does, which means that stupid and lazy people are not going to know all that the bill does, which means that the people complaining are lazy and stupid.

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