I am not even going to link to the mass of recent news stories regarding President Obama’s frantic wriggling to calm down the growing storm over the NSA’s…and other agencies as well, bet on it…massive surveillance system. (Anyone who hasn’t seen the coverage, it’s too late to talk to you. Go prattle about “politics” instead.) That system as it stands today makes the wildest dreams of previous science fiction writers looks like nursery rhymes in comparison. It is linked not only to the entire telephone, email and texting system of the U.S. (and quite probably most of the rest of the world), but also through corporate alliances with internet giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and…oh, and Amazon, too.

What? You thought that Jeff Bezos “bought” the Washingtoon Post w/out a quid pro quo deal of some sort? Without thoroughly establishing his fealty to the PermaGov and its aims? Please. If you bought anything from a knife sharpener to a year’s supply of KY Jelly from Amazon over the last decade, the surveillance state knows about it. Bet on that as well. What sort of chance do you think an equivalently rich Chinese, Russian, drug-related South/Central/Caribbean American or Muslim multi-billionaire might have had to make the same purchase? Get real. The WAPO Grahams were among the earliest sign-ons to the whole ’50s CIA takeover of the major American media…look it up yourselves, you lazy libruls (Operation Mockingbird…it’s all available at the click of a mouse.), and Bezos got some kind of OK from high up in the PermaGov system before he even made the bid. Make a third bet on that.

And now here comes our Peace President, “smooth Harvard lawyer with impeccable credentials and vacuous-to-repressive neoliberal politics”, master compromiser/cakewalker and kinder, gentler warmonger (“This is not a bloodless process.”), taking to the media in an attempt to cool down the Snowden-caused surveillance furor with yet another blue ribbon panel idea…a modernized, rubber-stamp version of the execrable Warren Commission would be the best thing that could come out of this…because the recent anti-surveillance House vote near-miss scared the living shit out of him and also out of his handlers.

That House vote? Real “bipartisanship” in action…members of every clique in that House of Cards voting against the surveillance system because they fear for their political lives if they don’t, safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen anyway because the less immediately politically threatened Senate clones…longer terms, don’tcha know…would certainly vote it down and even if they didn’t Preznit O’Bomb’em would veto the whole shebang. (“Those who respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.”-Mark Twain. Yup.)

Meanwhile, here on Booman Tribune’s front page, NOT A POST ON THE WHOLE SUBJECT AS OF 8/10/13/10:40AM EST!!!

What does it say on my computer when I hit my Booman Trib bookmark?

Oh yes. There it is. “Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community.”

“Progressive.” I always thought that meant in favor of liberty and the individual. I must’ve been wrong. Now I guess it stands for “Progressive Intrusion On The Privacy Of Individuals.


Booman Tribune ~ A PIOTOP Community.”


The new, new “New Left.”



The center is where the drain empties. Always and forever.

Enjoy the ride.

The suckers always become the sucked.


So it goes.

Down like a motherfucker!!!



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