Cohen states Obama has boxed himself in with the red line statement, has to act for his credibility.
Bombing Syria Is an Act of War and he needs to go to Congress.
The same will pass in the UK, Cameron will have to go to British Parliament.
Obama should have the balls to go before the United Nations, I doubt he will.
Obama’s second term will be defined by his action on Syria.
What did the world community do with the Nazi’s? The took them to court at Nuremberg.
What did the world community do with the Halabja gas attack? The US intelligence blamed the attack on Iran.
After the invasion of Iraq by Bush, the new democratic state took the culprits to court and hanged both Saddam Hussein and “Chemical” Ali.
What did the world community do with Charles Taylor? Took him to ICC court in The Hague.
What did the world community do with the Croatian, Serbs and Bosnians accused of war crimes? The UN created a Special Court in The Hague and many are serving long prison sentences.
What is your excuse Obama? In the drone attacks you are prosecutor, judge and executioner. You believe this is according to International Law?
What is your decision of Assad and the Syrian people Obama? The National Security Team plays the role of prosecutor, judge and executioner.

Conclusion: Obama you promised the American voters change. On US foreign policy we see more of the same, you are in the league of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Obama, you flunk.

U.S. Set to Join Iran and Syria in Talks on Iraq – NY Times Jan. 27, 2007.

Al Qaeda affiliated terror groups

Andrew Carnegie and his vision: International Court of Justice in The Hague 100 Years – 1913-2013.

On 28 August 1913, in the presence of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, the Peace Palace was officially opened.  Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American benefactor and the principal funder of the building, wrote in his diary that day that “nothing man has yet accomplished equals the substitution for war of judicial decisions founded upon International Law which is slowly, yet surely, to become the cornerstone, so long rejected by the builders, of the grand edifice of Civilisation”. Sir Kenneth will consider the experience of the International Court of Justice, its predecessor, the Permanent Court of International Justice (1922-1946), the Permanent Court of Arbitration (1899- ) for which the Peace Palace was originally constructed, and the many other Courts and Tribunals which have been established over the last century and earlier, but especially in recent decades.

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