In one of the shortest posts ever, Booman wrote:

Uh, What?

John Kerry is frying my synapses. More later.

What indeed, Booman?


Whatchoo gonna do after the barn-burning commences?


Read on for more.
You are blaming Kerry for this? Do you truly think he went off the reservation? I doubt it. He’s just an errand boy, a robotic set of talking points. He’s never gone off the reservation in his life. Not really. Just for show if at all. Blame his boss. Or alternatively…blame Obama’s bosses.

In the Kerry statement you reference, he said:

But under any circumstances, the Assad regime is the Assad regime, and the regime issues orders, and we have regime members giving these instructions and engaging in these preparations with results going directly to President Assad.

We are aware of that so we have no issue here about responsibility. They have a very threatening level of stocks remaining.

Let’s transpose this to the U.S. PermaGov situation, ok?

But under any circumstances, the Obama regime is the Obama regime, and the regime issues orders, and we have regime members spewing this bullshit under orders coming directly from President Obama.

We are aware of that so we have no issue here about responsibility. They have a very threatening level of bullshit remaining.

You want to blame Kerry for something? Great. Blame him for obeying orders when he ran as the intercept part of the fix to make sure Howard Dean didn’t upset the PermaGov applecart as it was functioning under Butch II. Blame him for running a stupid, cowardly campaign and getting Swiftboated. Blame him for choosing John-Boy Edwards as his ruining…errr, ahhh…running mate. Blame him for not standing up and demanding a recount and or investigation of the computerized vote counts in Florida and Ohio after Butch narrowly squeaked through the Electoral College. Blame him for using his position and money to annul his first marriage so that he would be free to marry the ketchup heiress. But do not blame him for this. He doesn’t have on original or useful thought in his head. He’s just Lieutenant John Kerry, reporting for duty as usual.

You want to blame somebody? Blame his supposed boss.

Or…blame his bosses.

Bet on it.

You continue to toe the DemRat party lines, Booman. This was understandable when it seemed as if Obama might be a breath of fresh air as president, but since the ongoing surveillance state information broke (along with the indiscriminate drone warfare/failure to close the financial deal[s] w/congress/failure to close the health deal[s] w/congress and now this huge Syria error from which he is obviously not going to retreat/not going to be allowed to retreat), it is time to rethink your position.

Or…go down with the ship.

Your choice.

As the great basketball prophet Micheal [sic)] Ray Richardson said about a particularly bad NY Knicks team in the early ’80s:

Reporter: What do you think is happening to the team?

Richardson: The ship be sinking.

Reporter: How far can it sink?

Richardson: Sky’s the limit.


Sky’s the limit, Booman.

Bet on that as well.

Sky’s the limit.

Jump ship, Booman.

You be bettah off.

Just jump off the ship in the full belief that you will fall up. (And, of course…just in case, wear a life preserver and a parachute. After’s a big, big ship.)

Whatchoo gonna do, Booman?

It’s approaching stink…errr, ahhh… sink or swim time.

Whatchoo gonna do?

Support Hillary?

Everybody into the pool!!!

AHHHHH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Short of jumping ship?

Not really.

Deal wid it.



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