The signs of the apocalypse are everywhere. But, first, into the wayback machine:

We’re talking about, among other things, Diaper Fetishism. That’s right folks, according to a trusted inside source, [Sen. David] Vitter [R-LA] was well known among other Canal Street Brothel patrons to like diapers as well as other bizarre “fetishes”. I don’t have much more info than that from my source, except that some of the other patrons at the brothel included a well known business-minded New Orleans Republican and a well known Democratic ex-governor. There are many other well known patrons who never held public office, too. You’ve probably heard various names floated about.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love that New Orleans has more than its share of sex fetishists and preeverts who can’t come missionary. This ain’t a vanilla town, kids.

But the thought of Vitter prancing around in a dipey is a bit jarring, especially since I’m changing those nasty things every day. I can’t help picturing the scene and wondering about the details. I assume they were adult sized. But were they cloth or disposable? Did they get dirty? Was there a diaper genie available? What about a tube of Boudreaux’s? Were they customized in Vitter Blue? How old were Vitter’s children when this was going on? Did he change diapers in the morning and then wear them at night?


We wouldn’t care if the man was not one of the biggest hypocrites in Washington DC. But there it is. David Vitter likes to wear diapers when he’s having sex with prostitutes. We all have to live with this knowledge, and it is a heavy burden to bear.

So, it’s somewhat understandable that Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer (who happens to chair the Environment & Public Works Committee on which Sen. Vitter serves as Ranking Member) might kind of snap when confronted with one more example of Vitter being an obstructive asshat.

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