A UN Security Council resolution will be made to support the agreement and much of the responsibility will be referred to the OPCW. Inspectors should be on the ground by November 1 and the CW stockpiles should be destroyed by mid-2014. Any further undermining of this agreement or any use of neurotoxin agents in the civil war will be dealt with by the Security Council under Chapter 7 – military force.

BREAKING NEWS: US, Russia agree Syria chem weapons deal

(RT) – Assad’s government must submit a comprehensive list of its chemical weapons stocks within a week ahead of their transfer and destruction, US Secretary John Kerry said at a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The deal worked out between Moscow and Washington on settling the Syria crisis stipulates that Syria’s chemical weapons will be rapidly destroyed.

Updates and analysis in my new diary – Chemical Weapons and Moral Hypocrisy.

PS Secretary Kerry stated his “off the cuff” remark in London was on purpose. He had conferred twice by phone with Sergey Lavrov in the days ahead of his meeting with Hague. He expressed the hope the idea would be picked up by the international community. Within an hour he got the first response from Lavrov we took the proposition to President Putin. Across the Atlantic, President Obama responded in a positive manner.

UN Report Monday on CW In Ghouta Attack

More below the fold …
The foreign ministers of the allied nations France, United Kingdom and the United States will meet for a top level meeting in Paris on Monday. By chance, or not quite certain what the UN Report will disclose …

UN Report to be presented to UNSG Ban Ki-moon this weekend

(RT) – Earlier Friday, the head of the UN chemical weapons inspection team, Ake Sellstrom, said that the UN report on the alleged use of chemical weapons on August 21 in Syria was complete and would be delivered to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon over the weekend, AP reported.

The US is confident that the results of the report will “reaffirm that chemical weapons were used in Syria” without assigning blame on any of the conflicting sides in the Syrian civil war, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Friday.

The foreign ministers of France, Britain and the US are to meet for talks over lunch in Paris on Monday to discuss the Syrian crisis, France’s Foreign Ministry said.

Russia, US and UN: Geneva peace talks only way to stop Syria violence

Russia, the US and the UN have agreed that the only solution to the ongoing Syrian crisis lies within the framework of the “Geneva-2” peace talks, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

After their meeting in Geneva on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, US State Secretary John Kerry and UN and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi “reaffirmed their commitment to an early launch of Syrian dialogue in Geneva between representatives of the Syrian government and main opposition groups,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.

The meeting between Lavrov, Kerry and Brahimi in Switzerland was focused on “practical issues” to prepare the way for an international peace conference over Syria.

The three diplomats agreed that “a political settlement is the only possible way to an early end to violence in Syria and to overcome acute humanitarian consequences of the Syrian conflict,” the Russian Foreign ministry said. This settlement should be “based on the implementation of all provisions of the Geneva communiqué of June 30, 2012,” the statement said.

The representatives of Russia, US and UN decided to meet for trilateral talks at the next regular session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Sept. 17.

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