The Republicans’ candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia is a little crazier than average. He thinks that it is a big mistake to do yoga or meditate because if you empty out your mind it will allow Satan to walk right in and take control of your dead spirit.

Now, maybe if you go down to Arkansas and say something like that you will find an audience that nods in agreement. But in Northern Virginia or New Jersey or the Philly suburbs, people will start making calls for a paddy wagon. In our half of the country, talking about yoga and demonic possession isn’t a mere difference of opinion. It means you are a lunatic who needs immediate psychiatric help. You aren’t considered a conservative; you are considered insane. And there is no fucking way that people will vote for you.

This is why Rick Santorum was drubbed out of office by 18 points. Once it became known that he thought same-sex relationships would encourage bestiality, his support near Philly approached zero. It was no longer a choice between a Democrat and a Republican, but a choice between a normal functioning human being and a person who was in need of some kind of medication.

People on the right like to accuse us of being secular and not believing in God, but Blue America includes many religious people. That doesn’t mean that we will countenance obvious morons.

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