In answer to Steve M., there is no need to be so pessimistic about how the press would cover a second government shutdown. Here is how it would work. The president, Harry Reid and Patty Murray would praise the budget deal and pass it in the Senate with almost no Republican votes. The House leadership would praise the bill and whip their caucus to vote for it. Pelosi would pay lip-service to an inadequate deal and ask her caucus to go along and fight another day on unemployment insurance. But, the progressive caucus would simply withhold their support, forcing Boehner to go deep into his caucus for votes. If they can pass it, fine. But, if they can’t, it’s clearly John Boehner’s fault.

The Senate Democrats pretty much all voted for it. The administration supported it. A lot of House Democrats voted for it. It only failed because the House Republicans failed to rally behind their hero, Paul Ryan.

If the deal then needs to be sweetened, it it obvious that it can’t be sweetened for the benefit of the mouth-breathers, but must be sweetened to bring along progressives.

So, maybe there is a bit of ambiguity about who to blame, but it’s Boehner who failed.

And the only solution would benefit the long-term unemployed, which is the whole point of taking a hard line.

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