Are you ready to hear the sound of the world’s tiniest violin?

Retiring lawmakers are likely to find a tough job market next year on K Street.

Several lawmakers — many of them veterans with centrist bonafides — plan to retire after the 2014 election, making them prime recruits for lobby firms, trade groups and corporate boards.

While corporate headhunters see a future on K Street for many of the retiring lawmakers, they warn that sluggish lobbying revenues and gridlock on Capitol Hill are depressing demand.

“With revenues down, it’s not going to be as fruitful. It will slowly pick up but we are still in a slump when it comes to government relations and lobbying,” said Chris Jones, managing partner of CapitolWorks.

Jones said that lawmakers out of work in 2015 will “need to be creative when it comes to finding their next job.”

That might mean taking not one but several jobs: working in venture capital, heading to academia, or sitting on corporate boards while doing a little lobbying on the side.

Doesn’t this just break your heart?