One of the many arms merchants roaming troubled areas to sell Israeli goods and buying loyalty. His legacy began with Israeli intelligence, the October Surprise in 1990 and the Israeli link in Iran-Contra Affair.

Jadhran hires “ex-Israeli intelligence agent” for $2 million

(Libya Herald) – Federalist leader Ibrahim Jadhran is aiming to gain recognition from the Russian Federation in his efforts to establish a separate Cyrenaican state.

In a bizarre development in the increasingly critical stand-off between the Zeidan government and eastern federalists, the leader of the self-styled Political Bureau of Cyrenaica, has hired a Canadian-based Israeli lobbyist to present his case in Washington and Moscow.

The one-year engagement, worth $2 million, will see Montreal-based lobbyist Ari Ben-Menashe, who claims to have worked for Israeli intelligence, promoting the recognition of the break-way eastern federalist group.  According to Canada’s National Post, which broke the story, Ben-Menashe’s brief also includes pushing the legality of oil sales from eastern export terminals controlled by Jadhran, which means bypassing the National Oil Corporation.

According to documents filed in Washington, Ben-Menashe’s consultancy firm Dickens & Madson (Canada) Inc. is representing four foreign principals: “Cyrenaica Transitional Council, Ibrahim Said al-Jathran, Political Bureau of Cyrenaica, Usama Buera”.

The consultancy agreement, headed “Government of Cyrenaica” included with the filing says that Dickens & Madson will lobby the executive and or legislatures of the Russian Federation and the United States as well as any other governments, organisations or companies that the client may agree on with the lobbyist.

More intrigues below the fold …

Dark Government or The Octopus  by Carnacki

(March 2005) –  Ben-Menashe stands by his claim that in 1989, as special consultant for intelligence affairs in the Israeli prime minister’s office, he was told by a Chilean arms manufacturer that the Chilean had “brokered a deal” between Earl W. Brian [an Edwin Meese associate during Reagan’s presidency] and “a representative of Iraqi military intelligence” for the used of Promis.

Two years before, in 1987, according to Ben-Menashed’s affidavit, he was present when Brian told a gathering at Israeli intelligence headquarters in TelAviv that the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the U.S. Department of Justice were all using versions of Promis (Prosecutors Management Information Systems). Brian had given the software to Israel for use by its intelligence forces. Having stirred the pot, Ben-Menashe left for Australia this spring when his visa expired.

US Justice contract, bankruptcy case of Inslaw – Institute for Law and Social Research, a nonprofit company

In February 1983, an Israeli government official scheduled a meeting with Inslaw through the Justice Department’s contract agent, Peter Videnieks. The purpose of that meeting was for a Promis briefing and demonstration; the Israeli Ministry of Justice intended to computerize its own prosecution offices. Although it was believed that the Israeli government official was a prosecuting attorney, it was later discovered upon closer examination that the official was really Rafi Eitan, “Director of LAKAM, a super-secret agency [within] the Israeli Ministry of Defense responsible for collecting scientific and technical intelligence information from other countries through espionage.”

Seymour Hersh’s The Samson Option

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