Looking at the bright side, there is yet hope for the Middle East. Love pushes back frontiers. Yair lost some of his own racist feathers?

Israeli PM Netanyahu faces Zionist Racism from Son dating Norwegian

(Informed Comment) – Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is caught in a firestorm of controversy because his son Yair, 23, is dating a Norwegian woman whom he met while she was studying at university in Israel.

But the story is not about the young man; rather it is about the reaction to this news in Israel. The reaction is racist.

So here are quotes from the AFP article:

    Nissim Zeev (Shas, an ultra-Orthodox party): [Netanyahu as prime minister must] “display national responsibility” … “It’s a big problem . . . I bet it pains him.”

    MP Moshe Feiglin (Likud, the far right ruling party): “is very unfortunate”.

    The extremist Israeli organisation Lehava (which says it aims “to prevent assimilation in the Holy Land”) called on Netanyahu “to prevent this relationship”.

    Bentzi Gopshtain (Lehavi, a far right organization opposed to Jews marrying out): “Your grandchildren, as you know, will not be Jewish.”

    (According to the Talmud, Jewishness is passed on through the mother).

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Sandra (25) from Grimstad is romantic partner with the son of
one of the world's foremost terror targets
(Jewish Week)

Let us just say that the son of the Norwegian prime minister started dating an Israeli university student in Oslo, and Norwegian politicians said it was “painful,” and “a big problem,” and called on the PM to intervene to stop it, and warned that the PM’s grandchildren would not be Norwegian because of this racial admixture.

Can you imagine?

Yair Netanyahu’s non-Jewish girlfriend, and the Ben-Gurion precedent

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