It’s a little over the top, but Chris Chase is appropriately gleeful at the failure of the Russian men’s hockey team to win an Olympic medal at Sochi, let alone a gold one. Losing to Finland probably makes it harder to stomach.

Remember that Olympic ring that didn’t open at the Opening Ceremony? The hockey team losing in the quarters is like if four rings didn’t light up, then the one that did crashed to the ground, exploded and resulted in those cuddly mascots catching on fire. Russia’s collapse is the most disappointing Olympic result for a host nation in decades (if not ever).

I am not an overly nationalistic person, so I don’t invest much in the results of the Olympics. I do like it when Americans win, but I don’t spend any energy actively rooting against athletes just because I don’t approve of the government in the country they are representing. Still, this year, I am rooting against Russian medals. You can blame Vladimir Putin and his Cossacks.