The conservative majority on the Supreme Court doesn’t think that it’s possible to corrupt a politician by giving them money. Nor do they see a problem with wealthy individuals buying every politician in the country, as long as they don’t make their demands explicit.

The Supreme Court pressed ahead on Wednesday with the majority’s constitutional view that more money flowing into politics is a good thing — even if much of it comes from rich donors. By a five-to-four vote, the Court struck down the two-year ceilings that Congress has imposed on donations to presidential and congressional candidates, parties and some — but not all — political action groups.

The main opinion delivered by Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., said confidently that corruption in politics will be kept in check by caps — left intact — on how much each single donation can be. Removing the ceilings on the total amounts that may given in each election cycle will not undermine those limits, Roberts predicted.

Even John McCain was disgusted by the ruling.

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