The Biden lecture before the press after meeting the February 21 coup leaders is a performance in two Acts. In Act-1 he seemed to underline the importance of the Geneva agreement between Ukraine, EU, US and Russia. In Act-2 he declared Ukraine’s Independence, led by the interim government of Western-Ukraine, and the Crimea is and will remain part of a sovereign Ukraine. The United States, as unipolar world power will lead:

  • by counting the votes of the very important presidential election of May 25, 2014
  • provide energy consultants to develop national resources through fracking shale gas
  • provide consultants to circumvent the need for gas import from Gazprom
  • stand by the Ukraine for a deal with the IMF and World Bank implementing austerity measures
  • provide counsel for good goverance to counteract endemic corruption (global place #133)
  • provide military assistance of the non-lethal kind

This package is in addition to the EU Association Agreement already signed by the Western-Ukrainians which the US will make sure is implemented. These measures are needed to Ensure Ukraine remains an independent state, of course.

No opportunity for questions, however in Act-3 the Interim President Oleksandr Turchynov of the Ukraine clarified the people particpating in protests in the East are terrorists and led by Russian gangsters.

Yesterday I enjoyed the pleasant interview conversation between CNN’s Amanpour and lady Victoria Nuland. She was so very reasonable, nothing like the witch during the calm Maidan protests in Independence square in November and in clarity of vocabulary addressing US partner Europe for not following the US in step, stock and barrel.

Ms Nuland is adored by the think-tank crowd of the Atlantic Council, advocating more defence spending, a stronger NATO with their European partners and isolation of Russia to make it a pariah state.

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