I’m curious what Republican donors are offering aspiring presidential candidates in the way of advice.

“There’s a complete lack of understanding of what primary voters are all about,” said one GOP strategist involved in a potential presidential candidate’s campaign, who requested anonymity to speak candidly. “You go around and hang out with big Republican donors, and if you were to take all their advice on how to win, you’d be screwed beyond belief, particularly in a primary.”

I’m guessing that whatever it is they’re saying, it’s something that Jon Huntsman listened to. Ironically, Mitt Romney had better advisers. He told more lies than any man I have ever seen or even heard of. And he was rewarded for it.

Obviously, there is a chasm between your average golf-playing Connecticut banker and the real base of the Republican Party. But Connecticut bankers created this beast, even if they don’t really understand it. The beast is trained and ready to be led almost anywhere. Against racial minorities. Against Muslims. Against atheists. Against queers. Against the federal government. About the only place they won’t be led is where the Republican Establishment wants to take them.

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