As Maria Saccetti reported in the Boston Globe, that Aaron McFarlane was the FBI agent that killed Ibragim Todashev.  The FBI has protected the name and identity of the killer since the incident and of course, cleared the unidentified McFarlane of any wrongdoing.  Even if the the stories told by McFarlane and Boston PD witnesses are illogical and not supported by the forensics.  Read Saccetti’s article and that by David Lindorff, Agent Who Killed Tsarnaev Pal During Grilling had Brutal, Corrupt History to understand who the FBI considers qualified to carry an FBI badge these days.  Oh well, it’s not as if the Whitey Bulger protecting and colluding Boston FBI field office had any sort of decent reputation to uphold.  

For more on the the Oakland, CA PD corruption scandal known as the “Riders,” see Allen v. City of Oakland.

Does anyone else consider it outrageous that McFarlane was granted a lifetime disability pension of $52,000 in 2004 from the Oakland PD (after a mere four years on the job and at the age of 31) and could later be employed as a gun-toting FBI Special  Agent?  

Update #1

From Maria Saccetti: Pension for FBI shooter of Todashev draws scrutiny in Oakland. Guess I’m not the only one that thinks McFarlane’s pension is outrageous considering that he’s not disabled.

Aaron McFarlane, identified last week as the agent who shot Ibragim Todashev during an interrogation in Orlando, has collected the pension since he retired from the Oakland Police Department in 2004 at age 31, say California officials. He apparently received the pension for medical reasons, court records say, though he passed the FBI’s stringent physical requirements when he joined the bureau four years later.

McFarlane stands to receive the money, with cost-of-living increases, for the rest of his life, say officials of California’s pension system for public employees. Court records say McFarlane retired after suffering leg injuries on the job. Officials said disability pensions for on-the-job injuries are tax free.

“We’re investigating it,” Karen Boyd, communications director for Oakland’s interim City Administrator Fred Blackwell, said of McFarlane’s pension….

Sort of looks as if McFarlane engaged in disability pension fraud. That might go down as easily with his fellow cops as beating up and killing suspected perps.

Apparently McFarlane worked as a real estate appraiser from 2004 to 2008. During the housing bubble when huge numbers of appraisers were as crooked as the mortgage brokers, banks, etc.

McFarlane is a real piece of work.