Go here to read the whole piece from which I excerpt below. I realize that the truths of the matter lie somewhere between the non-personing…errr, ahhhh…non-coverage of the NATO Governmental Media Complex and the cri de coeur below, but my gut instict tells me that the U.S. and NATO have once again opened up a Blood For Oil/Blood For Dominance can of worms that will not be easily closed anytime soon. We are being lied to and deceived on every level by the media, not just in terms of what is happening in Ukraine. “The truth” lies far to the left of what is being proposed as news on every front.

                                                  The Truth Lies

Bet on it.

Read on if you dare.

Russians are sub-humans in the eyes of the West
by “Juan”

Untermenschen. That is what we are in the eyes of The West. Untermenschen. Subhumans.

I have watched the unfolding coup d’etat in Ukraine from its very beginning in late November 2013 in Kiev. I have watched a steady stream of western dignitaries and politicians parade through Maidan Square in Kiev, each and every one of them publicly and vocally expressing their open support of the coup d’etat. I find it appalling that the sitting ambassador of the United States of America to the Sovereign Country of Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, actively and publicly supported a violent coup d’etat against the sitting and legally elected government of Ukraine and to this day actively and publicly expresses open support for the illegal coup d’etat installed government in Kiev.

On 01 December 2013 my wife and I watched the Right Sector and Svoboda Party operatives attempt to take the Presidential Administration Building on Bankhova Street in Kiev under the active and visible command of Vitaly Klitchko and Petro Poroshenko, two sitting deputats of the Ukraine Rada (parliament). After that 3 hour riot ended with Bankhova Street being finally cleared by Berkut riot police who were under orders to not go beyond the end of Bankhova Street, I told my wife President Yanukovich would lose against the coup d’etat. She told me I was crazy. 2 1/2 months later we were shoveling sand in to bags in the middle of the night at the new block post just above Belbek Aerodrome as our Self Defense Forces in Sevastopol and Krimea built and manned block posts at the Krim/Ukraine border and the 5 roads in to Sevastopol. The victors of the Maidan coup d’etat, Oleg Tyagnibok (a sitting deputat of Ukraine Rada) and Dmitro Yarush, leaders of Svoboda Party and Right Sector Party respectively, had stated, during a live interview on Channel 5 TV in Kiev on 27 February 2014, that they were going to lead their combined 5500 fighters from Miadan down to Krim and Sevastopol and ‘kill every Russian there’ combined with ‘we will put every Russian in Krim to the knife’. We took them seriously and we knew they were heavily armed with AK 47’s and RPGs, clearly seen in videos of the end and aftermath of the coup in Maidan. Those first two days and nights on the barricades we had only clubs for most of us.

Long story short, we seized our two governments from the Kiev appointed administrators, formed new governments for Sevastopol and the Autonomous Republic of Krimea and shortly thereafter activated a treaty signed with Russia in 1993 wherein Russia guaranteed the safety of the Autonomous Republic of Krimea and the City of Sevastopol. Russia honored that treaty and 3 days later the Russian Army arrived to protect us from the coup government in Kiev. The screams from The West were heard all the way to Mars. The screams were heard in the Andromeda Galaxy when we voted to join the Russian Federation and were excepted in to the RF.

Shortly after the coup d’etat in Kiev several eastern and southern oblasti (districts) in Ukraine expressed dissatisfaction with the ‘new’ illegal government installed in Kiev. Right Sector operatives immediately began to infiltrate in to those oblasti. Demonstrations turned sometimes violent and people died.

On 02 May there was a football match in Odessa on the south coast of Ukraine. We all know what happened in Odessa with the massacre of the anti Kiev demonstrators, unarmed demonstrators, in and around the Labor Union Building in Odessa as they were beaten, shot and burned to death. What you don’t know is the true number of dead that day and evening. 297 anti Kiev demonstrators AND innocents died that day. Over 50 were in hospital. Some of those who jumped from the entrance hall stairway at the fourth and fifth floor levels were beaten to death as they lay on the ground. Others were made to crawl away, severely injured, and were kicked and beaten as they crawled to the pile of wounded.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or condolences for any of the wounded or dead in Odessa. The overriding comments from what little was said about Odessa in The West was the fact that the ‘anti kiev activists and agents’ accidently set the building on fire as they were throwing molotov cocktails at the football fans around the building. Why should they care? After all, the men, women, and yes, two children, who died in the massacre are Untermenschen. WE are Untermenschen.

In the weeks before and after the massacre in Odessa the situation came to a head in Donetsk Oblast and Lugansk Oblast. Both declared their indendence from Ukraine and set up their own governments. The West screamed bloody murder as they are wont to do with their double standard and blamed everything on Russia and Mr. Putin including the drought in Mexico and the outbreak of teenaged acne in Australia.

The two oblasti set up self defense units as Kiev mobilized their army and formed a large ‘national guard’ unit from Right Sector fighters from Maidan and western and central Ukraine. On 9 May there was a massacre in the city of Mariupol in Donetsk Oblast, now the Donbas Peoples Republic. Over 100 unarmed citizens and Militsiya (police) were shot down, often right on live camera. Yes, many of the citizens were screaming great obscenities at the Right Sector unit that entered the city. The police were slaughtered in their headquarters for being ‘disloyal’ to Kiev Government. Some were burned alive, handcuffed, in the police headquarters as it was burned by the Right Sector unit.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or expressed condolences…


In the following days and weeks the Ukraine Army began to bombard villages, towns and cities starting with Slavyansk in Donbas. The first ‘bombardment’ was one single 82mm mortar round. With no reaction from either The West or Russia, the next day a heavy bombardment ocurred. In the days after the first heavy bombardments the toll of wounded, dead, maimed civilians mounted as the artillery was fired at patently civilian areas, we call them ‘living areas’. Over 100 civilians have died in the last two weeks. A like number were wounded.

To this day not a single western government that I am aware of has expressed the slightest sympathy or expressed condolences…


Yesterday, 03 June 2014, shortly after noon local time there was an attack on the Lugansk City Administration Building in the center of Lugansk by a single Ukrainian Air Force Sukhoi 25 ground attack airplane. He fired a single volley of missiles at the front of the building. Yes, the building is the titular headquarters of Donbas Republic but 95% of the offices and workers in that building are city administration workers, civilians doing their work for the citizens of Lugansk and most of whom have worked there for years. Ukraine well knew that fact and attacked. The impact of the rockets are well documented in many videos extant on the internet as is the aftermath as the area is being policed up and the fire in the one burning office on the fourth floor is extinguished.

The first two attached videos are of the area immediately after the attack. They are graphic to an extreme and are not for those with a weak stomach. The woman in the red blouse with her dying breaths asks “Excuse me please, give me a telephone.” Those words are an exact translation, she did say ‘Excuse me please’ before she requested the phone. The young man in the park whom they start CPR on died. The old man lying face down in the street is dead. The man face up with his head on a tyre died. The four women at the base of the entrance steps, three died instantly and the fourth, the lady with the red blouse, died in moments after her request. The man screaming as he takes the video of the carnage is screaming ‘sookhie’. ‘Sookha’, singular, and ‘sookhie’, plural, is the Russian word for a female dog. Like in English, in Russian it also has the second meaning, as in bitch. Here it’s fighting words.


The third video is of the artillery bombardment of Slavyansk at dawn and shortly after today, 03 June 2014. I do not know of the extent of the civilian casualties this morning in Slavyansk but I do know one 9 story flats building was hit square on the roof and was burning as of 06:00 local time as are other structures in Slavyansk.

Slaughter in Lugansk admin bldg. 02 June

death in the park in front of admin bldg. 02 June

Bombard Slavyansk 03 Jun”

To this moment not a single western government or government official that I know of has expressed either sympathy or condolences…


After all, the dead citizens are Untermenschen. WE are Untermenschen.

I urge you all, each and every one of you, to flood your embassies, your ambassadors, your politicians, your presidents, your prime ministers, every government functionary you can find, with these videos. Perhaps their army of minions will not be able to stop all from getting through to them. Use email, use facebook, use twitter, use whatever you can. Show them WHAT THEY DID. Not that they will care. After all, we are Untermenschen.

But one thing they should understand. We, the Untermenschen, will fight them. Ukraine died in Odessa on 02 May 2014. Any chance of negotiations about Donbas died on 09 May 2014 in Mariupol. After Lugansk yesterday it will be a fight to the death. We will win. We Untermenschen will defeat you. We have no choice. We will fight you to our last breath and die fighting before we kneel in subservience to a single one of you.

For you politicians behind the coup d’etat in Kiev and the war against the citizens of Ukraine, you disgust me. I have only this to say to Merkel, Torchinov, Poroshenko, Holland, Cameron. Swift Boat John, Nuland and Obama, whoever the ‘president’ of Poland is, each and every one of you, your minions and hangers on, the west politicians, ALL of you.

Damn your eyes, damn your souls, damn you to Hell, back to where you came from. You are beneath contempt.

Sure is great t’be an American, ain’t it Hiram? We get all the good stuff, fresh from the farm!!!

Fresh from the killing fields is more like it.

Wake the fuck up.


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