I’d like to add one thing to Ed Kilgore’s takedown of Aaron Blake. Not only is it sub-mental to suggest that an opinion poll lends legitimacy to the Benghazi probe that provides the Republicans with an actual mandate to hold the hearings, but it’s not even logical to argue that an opinion poll could undermine the credibility of the Democrats’ argument that the Benghazi hearings will be pointless and politicized.

Here’s how Blake argued this point:

But the polls demonstrate that Democrats can’t credibly suggest that the mere existence of this Benghazi panel is superfluous and unnecessary. A majority of the American people believe in its purpose, which gives it validity from the outset.

Follow with me, here. Whether or not the hearings will be “superfluous and unnecessary” depends on whether they will provide any new and useful information. The best way to predict the outcome of the hearings is not to poll the American people. No one with half a brain thinks that.

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