Yep, a wonderful guy this high-risk detainee.

As I stated before, these names were mentioned in an initiative to establish a Taliban office in Doha, Qatar that fell through.

Mohammed Fazl:

Bruce Riedel, a former CIA and White House official, said Fazl was alleged to have been involved in ‘very ugly’ violence against Shi’ites, including members of the Hazara ethnic minority, beginning in the late 1990s, and the deaths of Iranian diplomats and journalists at the Iranian consulate in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif in 1998. [Wikipedia entry here]

According to U.S. military documents made public by WikiLeaks, he was also on the scene of a November 2001 prison riot that killed CIA operative Johnny Micheal Spann, the first American who died in combat in the Afghan war.

    “On November 25, two CIA officers, Johnny ‘Mike’ Spann from the highly secretive Special Activities Division, and Dave “Dawson” Tyson, an Uzbek speaker and region expert, arrived at Qala-i-Jangi to carry out prisoner interrogations in the fort’s courtyard. The CIA officers questioned selected prisoners, especially one Sulayman al-Faris who was an American citizen born as John Walker Lindh (at the time, they noticed only that Lindh was a European-looking prisoner and different from the others, so he was singled out for an interrogation). Approximately two hours after the interviews began, a number of prisoners, some of them with concealed grenades, suddenly rose up and attacked their captors, who were outnumbered about four to one.” [Source Wikipedia]

An interesting post about Haqqani network and the Pakistan ISI intelligence service and political duplicity towards Taliban. The extended Afghan mission is doomed to be a failure. More massacres will follow as NATO forces retreat.

Timeline War in Afghanistan.

Interesting opening of this chapter:

July 2001: Taliban Hold Militant Training Camp in Abbottabad, Pakistan

The Taliban hold a three-day drill camp for Islamist militants in Abbottabad, Pakistan, according to Radio Free Europe. Attendees are said to come from several countries. The camp is held “under the patronage of Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef,” who is the Taliban’s official ambassador to Pakistan at the time. [Radio Free Europe, 5/6/2011] While militant camps actually in Abbottabad are apparently uncommon, there are many such camps in the Manshera area about 35 miles away that have been there since the 1990s and will still be there in 2011 (see May 22, 2011).

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