I gotta be honest. I know some horrible stuff has been going on in Israel and I’ve seen the headlines and some of the social media, but I haven’t had the interest to actually open any of that stuff and read it. I find it all depressing and enervating, and I don’t want to write about it. I’ll probably suck it up soon and get up to speed on what exactly went down, but it’s such an unpleasant situation I kind of want to just go on avoiding it.

The whole region seems doomed and I can’t find anyone to support. There are lots of good people there who want good things, but they never prevail. I try to fight the urge to just write everyone off as a kind of capital loss, but they don’t make it easy.

For Israel, at least, they need to do something new to give progressives any reason to hope. After their latest snubs of U.S. efforts, I feel like they’ve basically decided that they don’t want or need our help. So, how long before we take them up on that?

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