Over at The Gateway Pundit they have a piece on a resort in Texas that is supposedly being purchased by Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS) for use in temporary housing for children who are apprehended at our border. The write-up of the piece is fairly balanced, although it is obviously intended to cause outrage by emphasizing the luxuriousness of the accommodations and the fact that BCFS has allegedly been awarded a $50 million federal contract for this purpose. Still, the information is presented in a straightforward manner and without drama. The comments section, however, is a whole other kettle of fish.

Steel yourself before heading over there because it’s a rancid cesspool of bigotry, intolerance, paranoia, and hate. There are suggestions that we simple carpet bomb the area of Mexico that borders our country, or that we start military exercises with live fire. There are already over 2,700 comments, almost all of them demonstrating a shocking level of disregard for the children who would be spending an estimated 15 days each at this resort.

Update [2014-7-16 18:34:40 by BooMan]: Predictably, the story is bunk.