Regarding the current wars in Ukraine and Palestine:

A handy list of U.S. war involvement since 1949. Overt and covert.

Just in case you’re interested.

49 Greece
50 Korean War
52 Cuba
53 Iran
53 British Guyana
54 Guatemala
55 South Vietnam
57 Haiti
58 Laos
60 South Korea
60 Laos
60 Ecuador
63 Dominican Republic
63 South Vietnam
63 Honduras
63 Guatemala
63 Ecuador
64 Brazil
64 Bolivia
65 Zaire
66 Ghana
67 Greece
70 Cambodia
70 Bolivia
72 El Salvador
73 Chile
79 South Korea
80 Liberia
82 Chad
83 Grenada
87 Fiji
89 Panama
91 Iraq & Yugoslavia
99 Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)
01 Afghanistan
02 Venezuela
03 Iraq
04 Haiti
09 Honduras
11 Libya
11 Tunisia
13 Egypt
14 Ukraine


Does the tiger change his (stars and) stripes?

Not so far, even if it is past time to do so on a strategic level.

Bet on it.

In a recent comment here, TarheelDem wrote a wonderful précis regarding the ongoing economic and social plunge that has been experienced by the U.S. ever since the Vietnam debacle.

The fact is, you cannot continue to take advantage financially of populous countries that are growing economically nonetheless and not expect alliances to push back.  The rest of the world is going to construct institutions that bypass the US the more the US insists on its own exceptional status.

I repeat:

“The rest of the world is going to construct institutions”  that will push back.

This holds militarily, it holds economically and it holds politically as well.

Support no political party or candidates that want to continue beating the almost dead horse of the American Century.

American exceptionalism.

It’s over.

Time to wake the fuck up.



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