It didn’t take long for Dutch newspapers and national television broadcast editors to locate U.S. neocon ‘experts’ to tell us how we should think and handle the investigation into the crash of Malaysian passenger jet MH-17 in Ukraine.  

Interview Anne Applebaum with Dutch tv Nieuwsuur on Sat. July 19, 2014

According to the renowned journalist / columnist Anne Applebaum is the crash the result of the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine who only created chaos. Russian President Vladimir Putin was out on the chaos and is therefore guilty, argues Applebaum.

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Promocja książki Anne Applebaum "Iron Curtain"

Scandulous, especially as the Dutch expert Hubert Smeets claims all her arguments are plausible. He does mention she is married to Radek Sikorski, foreign minister of Poland. He further adds: “She is not known for anti-Russian bias.” What an extreme portion of neocon propaganda. We have seen the original media bias on Dutch television become more aggressive. So far I expect the independent and professional community of forensic experts not to be influenced by any political pressure. It appears the Dutch political community are already succumbing to media pressure.

Dutch foreign minister Timmermans had traveled to Kiev to make arrangement for Dutch forensic experts to travel to the Donetsk region, a distance of 800 km to the crash site. I sincerely wonder why he did not travel via Russia as the crash site at Shakhtars’k, just east of the city of Donetsk and 30 km from the border with Russia. According to western propaganda from Samantha Power and coming from the White House, the open borders to the rebels in eastern Ukraine, Russia has delivered the Buk-M1 SAM system used to take Malaysian flight MH-17 down. May I suggest Dutch PM Mark Rutte use the Russian ‘hospitality’ of president Putin to travel from Moscow to the border in the Donetsk region. Rutte can hitch a ride with one of those military convoys or take the bike for the last 30 km and make it happen himself as he promised the Dutch people [Google translation to English].

Close Trading Ties Between Russia and Netherlands

Russian export to The Netherlands is due to gas transport from the east and re-distributed. The Dutch had one of the largest gas fields of Slochteren and has the pipeline infrastructure in place for Europe.

Gazprom and Gasunie ink MOU – 2006

April 2014 – Amsterdam hosted the annual meetings of the Coordinating Committee for Strategic Cooperation and the Coordination Committee for Sci-Tech Collaboration between Gazprom and Gasunie, chaired by Dmitry Lyugai, Member of the Management Committee, Head of the Prospective Development Department of Gazprom and Hans Coenen, Vice President for Corporate Strategy & Portfolio Management, Managing Director of Gasunie Deutschland. [Source: Gazprom]

Dutch Shell has an excellent working relationship with Russia on their joint projects.

The Dutch have had warm relationship with Russia dating back to Peter the Great.

In today’s politics, PM Rutte supports a moderate towards Russia as advocated by Angela Merkel. The Dutch rely on their exports on Germany due to its port in Rotterdam and the Rhine waterway for transport to the Rühr industrial area. The Dutch will likely support Italian FM Federica Mogherini. above Poland’s neocon hawk Radek Sikorski for the position as EU’s foreign policy chief.

[A few hours ago, I linked to Sikorski’s original article which now appears to have been scrubbed. I will link below the cached version on server of WayBackMachine]

AEI Conference “Ukraine’s Choice: Europe or Russia?” attended by NAI director Sikorski

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