It’s interesting to see how successful Israel can be in muddying the waters in the U.S. media about their culpability for blowing the shit out of a United Nations-run school in the Gaza Strip, killing 15 people and injuring more than a hundred people. There really shouldn’t be any debate about responsibility here since Israel has admitted to shelling the school and used as an excuse that they had given advanced warning. They also used as an excuse that there was rocket fire emanating from the area. So, you have to ignore these things to even begin to suggest that the school might have been shelled multiple times by Hamas by accident.

The actual debate should be about whether or not Hamas is using U.N.-run schools, hospitals and mosques to store and fire rockets, which Israel has constantly claimed to be the case. If this claim is true, then Hamas shares responsibility for the loss of innocent life. But that doesn’t mean that the New York Times should lose its reasoning faculties and become incapable of reporting on who blasted the crap out of a school that was serving as a refuge for misplaced persons.

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