United Nations: Ban Ki-moon alarmed by ‘dangerous escalation’ in Ukraine crisis; Security Council holds emergency talks

Appears the world got word the two hour session between Ukraine’s President Peroshenko and Russia’s Putin didn’t go well. Over 2,000 Ukrainians have been killed in recent weeks due to indiscriminate aerial bombing and shelling by the regular army and mercenaries paid for by oligarchs loyal to Kiev.

President Obama announced an intrusion of reconnaisance flights over Syria with an intent to bomb ISIS fighters in Raqqa province. According to military officials, there are no borders between Iraq and Syria. Apparently the U.S. has no concern over the sovereignty of a nation.  The Obama administration with Secretary Clinton used the R2P doctrine to get a UN Security Council resolution “to protect” civilian lives under threat in Libya. President Obama and the NATO allies went beyond International law to force regime change.

[Update] Mea culpa. I had diaried about the ilk like Ukraine Pravda before …
Meet the Americans Who Put Together the Coup in Kiev

[Update] Re: Why are you linking to a Uke propaganda site?

I have in mind The banner of the page says: “Separatist Crisis and the Russian occupation in Ukraine”. How on earth can you link to something like that? That post is just an English translation of an article from Kyiv Post, which is the main Uke English language propaganda outlet.

Follow-up post:

Sorry, I meant Ukrainian Pravda (has there ever been a more oxymoronic title for a newspaper?), not Kyiv Post. I was upset. Why on earth would you cite a Ukrainian language newspaper? Everybody knows that everything published there about Russia now is lies.

by Demian on Thu Aug 28th, 2014 at 11:28:09 PM PDT

In Novoazovsk were two columns of the Russian army vehicles – NSDC

This was announced on Thursday at the National Security Council. Overall control of the Russian military moved Novoazovsk city and a number of settlements Novoazovsky, Starobeshevskiy, Amvrosiivskyi districts.

In the National Security Council told that the first Wednesday about 11 am and around Novoazovska ATO positions were fired from the “Grad” from Russia.

“Then at 12:30 the attack began two columns of military equipment consisting of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and APC, which went to Ukraine with Fun-Maximova Voznesenka and the Rostov region of Russia, “- said in a statement.

“Without heavy weapons guards and guards retreated. In order to preserve the life of Ukrainian military and regrouping and means order of command ATO with Novoazovska were derived units, united forces ATO, the Interior Ministry and State Border “, – the National Security Council stated.

According to Ukrainian law enforcers, late afternoon Wednesday” both Russian column entered the Novoazovsk. ” Armored Russians is also in the vicinity Novoazovska, particularly near Cold recorded multiple launch rocket system “Hurricane”.

In Mariupol direction force ATO continue “improving engineering and fortification equipment roadblocks and strong points and preventive measures undertaken in the city of Mariupol.”

Official: 2 tank columns from Russia enter Ukraine
By Dalton Bennett | AP | Aug. 28, 2014 9:46 AM EDT |

NOVOAZOVSK, Ukraine (AP) — A Ukraine security spokesman says two columns of tanks from Russia have entered a strategic town. Ukrainian security council spokesman Col. Andriy Lysenko says Ukrainian forces were fired at using Grad missile systems from Russian territory at about 11 a.m.

Lysenko says about an hour and a half later, two columns, including tanks and other fighting vehicles began an attack. They later entered Ukraine from Veselo-Voznesenka and Maximovo of the Rostov region in Russia.

Ukrainian border guards retreated because they didn’t have heavy equipment.

Two days ago, reports emerged of incursians by Russian troops and tank along a corridor to Marienpol …

Ukraine: Russian Tank Column Enters Southeast
By Jim Heintz | AP | Aug. 25, 2014 8:25 AM ET |

A  column of Russian tanks and armored vehicles has crossed into southeastern Ukraine, away from where most of the intense fighting has been taking place, a top Ukrainian official said Monday.

Col. Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s National Security Council, told reporters that the column of 10 tanks, two armored vehicles and two trucks crossed the border near Shcherbak and that the nearby city of Novoazovsk was shelled during the night from Russia. He said they were Russian military vehicles bearing the flags of the separatist Donetsk rebels.

The reported incursion and shelling could indicate an attempt to move on Mariupol, a major port on the Azov Sea, an arm of the Black Sea. Mariupol lies on the main road between Russia and Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which Russia annexed in March. Capturing Mariupol could be the first step in building a slice of territory that links Russia with Crimea.

Clintons’ Support for Muslims In Bosnia and Kosovo

Continued below the fold …
The U.S. under President Bill Clinton allowed clandestine arms transport into Bosnia in contravention of U.N. Resolution of an Imposed Arms Embargo. The U.S. State Department accepted funds, arms and support from Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Result was a first Al Qaeda presence inside Europe.

President Bill Clinton – Statement on Kosovo Intervention on March 24, 1999 plus NATO attack starts

NATO bombings of Yugoslavia in 15 dramatic photos

Questions Arise Over US Base in Kosovo

While US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice secured a reprieve from European governments over the treatment of detainees, the suspicion of systematical abuse grows after reports of a Guantanamo-like base in Kosovo.

The UN ombudsman in Kosovo has said that the US Bondsteel military base in the province holds a prison that brings to mind the one in Guantanamo Bay, a German daily reported.

“There can be no doubt that for years there has been a prison in the Bondsteel base with no external civilian or judicial oversight,” Marek Antoni Nowicki told Berliner Zeitung. “The prison looks like the pictures we have seen of Guantanamo Bay.”

US military denies shocking conditions in camp

The report backs up a statement by Council of Europe human rights commissioner Alvaro Gil-Robles in November that the US military ran a Guantanamo-type detention centre in Camp Bondsteel.

Gil-Robles told the French daily Le Monde he had been “shocked” by conditions at the center, which he witnessed in 2002. The camp resembled “a smaller version of Guantanamo”, he said, referring to the US prison in Cuba, where hundreds of terror suspects are detained without trial.

Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks With Kosovan Prime Minister Thaci plus Video


Swiss senator Dick Marty accuses Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci

A draft report by the Council of Europe says Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was the head of a “mafia-like” network that dealt weapons, drugs and human organs. Swiss human rights investigator Dick Marty is scheduled to present the conclusions to European diplomats in Paris.

The report for Europe’s premier human rights watchdog alleges that civilians detained by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) were shot dead in northern Albania so their kidneys could be extracted and sold on the black market after the war in Kosovo ended in 1999.

Kosovo’s government has denounced the draft report – more than two years in the making – and has threatened legal and political action, saying it is slanderous. In a statement, it also accused Marty of bias and “fabrications”.

The European Union police and justice mission (Eulex) in Kosovo said it would examine the allegations.

Ruth-Gaby Vermot, a Swiss parliamentarian and author of a Council of Europe report on trafficking in organs in Europe, defended her colleague. “Knowing Dick Marty as I do, he’s only written what can be proved. The issue of stability can’t allow this horrifying report to be pooh-poohed.” she told

Marty, a Swiss senator, led a Council of Europe team of investigators to Kosovo and Albania in 2009, following allegations of organ trafficking by the KLA published in a book by former United Nations War Crimes tribunal prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, also Swiss.

Serbia lost control of Kosovo in 1999 when Nato waged a bombing campaign to halt killings of ethnic Albanians in a two-year counter-insurgency war. It does not recognise Kosovo’s independence.

Jihad ‘Made in Kosovo’
By Bahri Cani | Deutsche Welle | Aug. 24, 2014 |

Over the span of two days, 43 Islamic extremists were arrested in Kosovo. Dozens more are under watch, both at home and in the Middle East. As fears of terror attacks grow, Kosovo is clamping down.

    Kosovo police noted that 16 Kosovar Albanians have been reported killed in fighting in Syria. [photo]


The act that triggered the largest police action in Kosovo since the war in 1999 was terrible and barbaric. The Kosovar jihadist Lavdrim Muhaxeri posted before and after photos of the beheading of a 19-year-old in Syria, where the jihadist is currently fighting for the Islamic State (IS). Those images were published in nearly every Kosovo newspaper and Internet portal and sparked outrage and deep shock among Kosovars.

The president of Europe’s youngest nation, Atifete Jahjaga, immediately announced her response.

“Kosovo will be no safe haven for terrorists,” she said.

Fear of terrorist attacks

An exact count of the number of Kosovar extremists and terrorists in Syria and Iraq does not exist. The Kosovo police estimate the number could be between 100 and 200. It is only known officially that in the last few weeks at least 16 bodies from Iraq and Syria were returned to Kosovo. It is also alleged that there could be a few hundred radical extremists within Kosovo.

ISIS and the Kosovar Albanians

Baltic Fears: NATO Debates Directing Missile Shield against Russia
Staff | Der Spiegel | August 25, 2014 – 11:16 AM |

With fears of Moscow growing after its intervention in Ukraine, NATO member states in Eastern Europe would like NATO to direct a planned missile-defense system against Russia as well. The calls have divided the military alliance.

    NATO Patriot missile defense systems are stationed on Trkish border with Syria. Dutch unit will pull back in January 2015 due to maintenance.[Photo]

Calls for such an expansion to the system’s remit, which is backed by the United States, are growing in Poland as well as in NATO member states Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. In the run-up to next week’s NATO summit, the four countries called for the remaining members to agree on language at the summit that would pave the way for the plan.

Poland, Baltics Urge NATO to Target Russia with Europe’s Ballistic Missile ‘Shield’

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