That massive climate march yesterday in New York City? Never happened.

At least you wouldn’t have heard about it on the Sunday morning shows devoted to politics and current events where ne’er a word was heard. From Media Matters:

Sunday news shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and Fox failed to cover the People’s Climate March, a massive protest against climate change being held September 21 in New York City in conjunction with events in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Meet the Press, Face the Nation, State of the Union, and Fox News Sunday ignored the event, which is being touted by participants as “the largest mobilization against climate change in the history of the planet.” The Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel briefly mentioned the march on ABC’s This Week while arguing that national security concerns surrounding climate change are not receiving adequate attention. […]

This momentous event, however, was of little interest to Sunday news shows, which devoted zero segments to the march. The event was mentioned just once on ABC’s This Week …

Well how significant was the fact that a few hundred thousand people walked in Manhattan yesterday demanding action to save the planet? Not very much to our media elites, apparently. How convenient for them.

The evening news coverage wasn’t much to speak of, either:

“NBC Nightly News” was the only evening news show to do any segment on it. (ABC devoted about 23 seconds to the topic in its evening show, and CBS spent exactly zero seconds on it.) Cable news, with the exception of Al Jazeera America, mostly looked the other way, save for a couple of segments on CNN and MSNBC.

Maybe Brian Williams at NBC will mention it tonight. Maybe.

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