When you need Sarah Palin to come to Kansas to “on a rescue mission” to save your senate campaign you must be either crazy, or Pat Roberts:

Sarah Palin swooped into Independence to bestow her grassroots tea party credibility on the surprisingly troubled Roberts reelection campaign.

…Palin praised Roberts as a rock-ribbed conservative “who will fight like our country’s future depends on it.” And the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee thanked Roberts for standing alongside Cruz in filibustering funding for President Obama’s signature healthcare law, a move which resulted in the shutdown.

“He’s not wishy-washy on the fence like you know who, the other guy,” Palin said, a reference to Roberts’ opponent, independent candidate Greg Orman. “I am so thankful because we need those with that stiff spine, with the principles that are so invicted [sic] within them, that they take a side.”

I love rarely used or hardly known words, don’t you? Invicted.* Now if only Sarah had used it in a coherent sentence to give us some context for what she means when she used it. Than again, context is so overrated. It’s awfully darn close to substance, and we all know the only “substance” the Palin clan has any expertise about is alcohol.

Anyway, when Pat Roberts, an incumbent Senator in a deeply red state such as Kansas needs Palin to be his “savior” he must be up to his neck in the deep shite, as they say.

With fewer than six weeks until Election Day, Roberts has yet to consolidate Republican base voters behind his candidacy. Roberts won a bruising Aug. 5 primary with just 48 percent of the vote. The runner-up — tea party-aligned Milton Wolf, who garnered 41 percent — has yet to endorse Roberts. Bringing Palin into Kansas for a campaign stop was designed in large part to energize conservative activists about the incumbent.

Then again, he has Koch money to burn in support of his campaign, apparently. Maybe he’ll fool enough of the voters again to sleaze his way back into the Senate. Sure hope not, though, because you know who will take all the credit for his re-election, making her even more likely to appear on your TV screen for the next two years.

* Only two definitions I found for invicted were “invincible” or “unconquered.” Don’t think she used it correctly, but I could be wrong.