I can’t be the only person with employed adult children who cannot afford the rent for an apartment, let alone a car payment on top of it.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said Tuesday that he’s “tired” of hearing discussion on the minimum wage and seemed to suggest that a higher minimum wage isn’t something to “aspire to.”

“I gotta tell you the truth, I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage, I really am,” Christie said during an event at the Chamber of Commerce in Washington, according to a recording of his remarks by the liberal opposition research group American Bridge.

“I don’t think there’s a mother or father sitting around a kitchen table tonight in America who are saying, ‘You know honey, if my son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my God, all our dreams would be realized,” he added. “Is that what parents aspire to for their children?”

You know who makes up the difference for the low wages being paid to our entry-level workers? Either the parents or the taxpayers.

It wasn’t this way when I was a young man and I’m tired of listening to Republicans dismiss this issue.

Are you?

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