North Jersery dot com reports Christie/Cuomo Announce Quarantine of Passengers from West Africa.

Not that they have any expertise in medicine, public health, or science, but they do know how to respond toto kneejerk calls from those that are similarly not bound by facts and science.  IOW, the ignorant and the stupid.  Arrogantly so since they think they know better than the collective sciency brainpower of MSF, NIH, CDC, and European health agencies.  

Guinea, Liberia, and Serra Leone need as many trained, temporary health care workers as they can get.  Few will return from their generous volunteer work having been infected with Ebola.  But, gosh darn it, one did and wander among the population when he was asymptomatic and therefore, not contagious.  And in Christie/CuomoLand that means that health care workers returning from West Africa are too stupid and therefore, all of them must be locked up for 21 days.

More could/should be said about this, but I’ve already said most of it in my Ebola diaries and diary comments.  

BTW — where’s the new “Ebola czar?”  
NYTimes: White House Presses States to Reverse Mandatory Ebola Quarantine Orders

The differences between Obama and Christie/Cuomo may often be difficult to perceive, but sometimes he makes it very easy. For all his faults, he’s not a clueless clown constantly sticking his finger in the wind to see which way it’s blowing through the airheads.

The Obama administration has been pushing the governors of New York and New Jersey to reverse their decision ordering all medical workers returning from West Africa who had contact with Ebola patients to be quarantined, an administration official said on Sunday.

The decision for mandatory quarantines has not only opened a rift with federal officials, but also between New York City and the state.

On Friday night, those carefully laid plans were thrown aside when Mr. Christie and Mr. Cuomo called for a mandatory quarantine of all medical workers returning from West African countries where they worked with Ebola patients.

“The entire city was not informed, even the mayor’s office,” according to a city official involved in New York’s Ebola response. “The mayor was caught unaware.”

“The big picture decision was made in the absence of any deep thinking about what implementing the policy would entail,” the official said.

NYTimes Under Pressure, Cuomo Says Ebola Quarantines Will Allow Home Isolation

Facing fierce resistance from the White House and medical experts to a strict new mandatory quarantine policy for all medical workers who had contact with Ebola patients in West Africa, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Sunday night that people quarantined in New York who do not show symptoms of the disease would be allowed to remain at home and would receive compensation for lost income.

It was the second striking shift in Mr. Cuomo’s public posture on the Ebola crisis in 72 hours; after urging calm Thursday night, then joining Mr. Christie to highlight the risks of lax policy on Friday, Mr. Cuomo on Sunday night appeared to try to stake out a middle ground.

OTOH, Christie boasted today that the nation will soon follow his lead. Dumb and dumber are in their minds Presidential material. (Still hoping that the investigation of the NY/NJ Port Authority take them down and out and spare the rest of us from having to deal with them in 2016.

[Update 3 – Tuesday 10/28/14]

CNN Chris Christie on Ebola policy: ‘We’re not moving an inch’. Stupid and stubborn — qualities that Christie and far too many voters think make him Presidential.

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