Yes, that headline is correct. Erick Erickson is encouraging his readers to buy three balls on Amazon and mail them to one of John Boehner’s district offices in Ohio where his staffers will look at them and go, “these people are idiots.”

Also, “Why are they blue?”

This isn’t supposed to indicate that Erick Erickson thinks that John Boehner is sexually frustrated. It is supposed to tell John Boehner to stop playing with Barack Obama’s balls and instead play with his own.

But, again, “Why are they blue?”

I know Erick Erickson is supposed to be some kind of Uber-Christian patriot, but I haven’t detected the influence of The Savior on these actions as of yet. It seems to have something to do with keeping brown people from thinking this country wants them here, but I’ve forgotten what Epistle that was in.

Maybe it was Titus?