Booman recently wrote a piece called   Serious Countries Don’t Issue Blanket Mulligans regarding the…”reluctance” may be too weak a term…the absolute refusal on any part of the federal government to prosecute those who ordered, aided and abetted the vast U.S. torture machine that came into being after 9/11.

He wrote:

Evidently, nothing of that sort will be happening this time around. The president appears to take Sun Tzu’s counsel [Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.], and I’ve never been wholly convinced that this isn’t the wiser course, at least from a selfish perspective.

Way to straddle the fence, Booman.

“I’ve never been wholly convinced that this isn’t the wiser course, at least from a selfish perspective.”

The tortured syntax of a guilty conscience. You know better.

Is it simply too perilous to try to hold the Intelligence Community accountable?

You know, maybe it really is.

But, if that’s the case, it seems all the more imperative to hold Bush administration officials accountable. They were, after all, the ones who gave the orders.

You bet your ass “maybe it really is” too perilous. Why?

Read on.

If you dare.
Why is it too perilous? Because of the following, that’s why.

You say that members of the Bush administration were “the ones who gave the orders.”

I no longer believe that this is so. I do not mean to give the Bush people a pass…they are certainly the ones who sold those orders to the American people…but it is increasingly obvious to me that no U.S. administration since the post-JFK coup has really been “giving the orders” regarding either tactical or strategic approaches on any appreciably important level in the United States of Omertica. Not regarding foreign policy for sure, not regarding domestic economic policies as well and quite likely not about social policies either. We have become a closeted fascist system, and the media is the instrument that provides the cloak of invisibility to the real bosses. It is the .01% who give the orders, who pull the strings, and if by some miracle all of the shrouds were to be pulled off the real controllers it seems likely to me that they would turn out to be CIA-allied and/or CIA-controlled corporate insiders.

We rail about “big money,” about the Koch brothers, about Sheldon Adelson, about the big banks and other financial institutions, about The Federal Reserve, etc. I have said this here before and I am saying it again. The CIA and its related intelligence satrapies have been in a position to amass so much money and so much power since their inception that they are now in the position of essentially owning the country. Think on it. They have been the beneficiaries of essentially unlimited and untraceable money from the government since the ’50s; they are in a position to know whatever they need to know to gain insider trading positions and they are completely outside of the reach of the justice system.


Talk about your stock market gurus!!!

I got yer “stock market.”

Right here!!!

They actually don’t have to “change that sign.” Their position is so powerful and so secret that they can advertise it with no fear of discovery.

And there it is, Booman.

Hiding in plain sight.

The controllers have no fear of reprisal. As they so plentifully demonstrated w/Nixon and later w/Clinton, they can throw a president under any passing bus that they choose if they wish to do so. Obama’s no dummy…his momma didn’t raise no bus victims. Bet on it.

Serious Countries Don’t Issue Blanket Mulligans?

Oh yes they do!!!

The U.S. is as serious as death.

Bet on that as well.

Ask its millions of victims if you have any doubts about its seriousness.

Will all of this change?

Not likely. Not without some kind of societal breakdown, and no one of sane mind wants to see that. It is what it is. Learn to deal wid it, because it’s not going away anytime soon.

And…wake the fuck up!!!

Station WTFU signing off.

Our motto?

If no news is good news, we have the best news service ever.


Deal wid it.

Obama has.

He’s just waiting for the elevator out, now.

Bet on it.



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