We get a new Congress starting today, and they’ve begun with an immediate display of buffoonery. Everyone knows that John Boehner isn’t any good at his job of being Speaker of the House, but having a couple dozen members of his own party vote against him keeping the gavel isn’t a remotely interesting development.

Yes, I know that congressmembers did not used to vote against their own leadership. In fact, between 1946 and 1996, it never happened once. But these votes are only compelling if there is ever any real doubt about the outcome.

Some people may want to know what the final tally means for Boehner’s ability to lead. Those people make me laugh. John Boehner couldn’t lead this caucus of lunatics out of a paper lunch bag. If you didn’t already know that, you might be one of the jackass idiots who just voted for a Republican congressional candidate in November.

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