Do you want to know what is going on at the highest levels of the U.S. foreign policy structure? Ignore all the “State Of The Union” hype and concentrate on this simple headline:

Obama, world leaders head to Saudi Arabia to offer condolences

Yes, you read it right. Our Supreme Leader immediately hops on Air Force One to commiserate with the Saudi royal family…a truly rotted-out group of cutthroats and moral quagmires on every possible level…over the loss of their Viagra-besotted king. U.S. satraps follow suit.

No more need be said. These people have conspired against everybody but themselves for 100+ years, riding their oil-rich sands to uncountable riches. They have played both ends against the middle with no regard for the human suffering that they have caused and continue to do so, propping up a new “king” who is widely known to have Alzheimer’s issues if not worse, and Obama…our “peace president,” our knight in shining armor…scurries over to their massively regressive theocracy to offer his condolences and simultaneously, of course, continue to prop up the royal family because at least some of their money and influence is used in ways that our morally-blind controllers think help U.S. economic imperialist-driven foreign policy.

I am ashamed to be an American these days.

I really am.

A few salient quotes from the Reuters story linked above follow below the fold. Read ’em and weep.

U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to meet its new King Salman after the death of his predecessor Abdullah on Friday, testimony to Riyadh’s important role in energy markets and the fight against Islamist militancy.


Some international human rights groups…have called on Western leaders to condemn Saudi Arabia’s record of crushing dissent and depriving women and foreign workers of rights instead of praising its late king.


The kingdom’s role in orchestrating Arab support for joint action with Western countries against the Islamic State group has won praise in Washington, while its role as biggest oil exporter is particularly important at this time of market instability.

Saudi jets have bombed IS targets in Syria, its top clerics have issued repeated denunciations of the militant group despite similarities between its ideology and Wahhabism, and the police have detained thousands of militant suspects in the past decade.

Salman pledged on Friday to maintain the kingdom’s policies and kept most of Abdullah’s cabinet, including the oil, finance and foreign affairs ministers, in place.

Western countries also value the kingdom as an important market for their defense industries and Salman quickly moved to appoint his son Prince Mohammed, 35, as his own successor as Defence Minister, responsible for big arms contracts.


Late on Friday state television showed princes, Wahhabi clerics, tribal chiefs, military leaders, major businessmen and other dignitaries crowding the royal palace to kiss King Salman’s shoulder or hand.

The king’s rapid appointments of half-brother Muqrin, 69, as Crown Prince and nephew Mohammed bin Nayef, 55, as Deputy Crown Prince, appeared to resolve for many years to come speculation that succession disputes might destabilize the ruling family

Long story short?


At least on the surface, Saudi “support” of the NATO bloc’s disastrous middle east policies will continue unabated. Their opposition to so-called “similarly aligned Muslim forces” that are most definitely not “similarly aligned” in terms of their economic or political aims is sure proof that Islam means nothing whatsoever to these people. Like Mafia dons, they mouth their religion while simultaneously spreading evil in every possible direction and fucking all comers in the back room.


Just as it’s always been.

Just as it has always been.

Money and power once again aligns against morality on any and every level.

So it goes.

What side are you on? Really. It’s getting near choosing time. Come 2016 the U.S. will be choosing its own new ruler. Are you going to support someone who will sustain the same game…a losing game on the evidence of the ongoing collapse of this culture and society…or are you going to resist?

Your choice.

Choose well.


Your life and the lives of all you love may well depend on that choice.

Bet on it.