Football…and the culture itself…as commentary on the present/prophecy about the near future.

The “Patriots” won.

Who can really be a “patriot” these days, given the information that has become available regarding the SuperState/SurveillanceState/WarState? Only SuperState/SurveillanceState/WarState supporters. SuperState/SurveillanceState/WarState fans. You know…like Patriot fans.

Suspected serial cheaters won.

Hmmmm…sound familiar? Ring any bells?

An older, more conservative team won, a team with an exceptionally high proportion of white stars for the NFL and a policy of not letting team members publicly rock the boat.

i repeat: Hmmmm…sound familiar? Ring any more bells? Like, maybe…Republican bells?

It was close.

As are all good games. Like the politics game.

It was lost because of a mistake by the more “liberal” team’s leader.

Yup. Roger that.

In many respects Boston is still the most racially and culturally divided major northern city in the U.S. The whole Irish/Italian/black neighborhood thing remains in place throughout much of the city. Bet on it.

Get my drift?

I am willing to bet that the movie “American Sniper” has been exceptionally successful in the Boston area.

I drive through Boston several times a year and…as I do everywhere I drive that’s not my home turf…I take its temperature by listening to the radio. I listen to talk radio and especially to sports radio. Boston’s talk radio temperature is overall a white, working class fever. Lots of broad, old Boston (Read “segregated Boston”…I recognize the accent code because I went to school there in the mid-’60s.) rants about how outrageously “the new people” flaunt established (Read “white.”) societal mores.

Conclusion from the Sports Soothsyer?


Batten down the hatches, leftinesses…it’s gonna be a rough year. That 2014 electoral disaster? It wasn’t a fluke. It was a flounder.



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