I do enjoy it when our enemies forget about us for a half-hour or so and dedicate themselves to attacking each other.

Radio host Glenn Beck announced recently that he would quit the National Rifle Association completely if they re-elected Grover Norquist, whom he accused of being sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, to its board. And during his radio show today, Beck announced that because of his comments, the NRA was now investigating Norquist’s alleged secret Muslim-ness.

For years, Beck has accused Norquist of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, citing his past ties with Islamic-American groups such as CAIR, his prior attempts to build a coalition between conservative Muslim groups and the Bush Administration, and the fact that his wife is a Palestinian Muslim. Norquist also happens to sit on the board of the NRA, as a prominent and powerful Conservative should do.

These Muslims sure are a suspect crew.

Paranoia is a hell of a drug.